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(13 Likes) What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you as an entrepreneur?

> Communication with Chinese manufacturers remained until 3 o’clock. We spoke with the engineers in Budapest who developed our CADs. He had a designer in San Diego. Five months later, after thousands of emails and hundreds of hours, it was here. The first leather watch strap without holes. I invented it. I walked out pretending to go to the bathroom. I went straight to my car. He ran home. And there it was, a small box from DHL. WOW. Could it actually be here? I began to carefully open the box. My heart was racing. I took a breath. You got this Nathan. The clock was beautiful. I didn’t even know what to do. I had turned an idea into a real product. The emotion was inc hot man sex doll edible. Something that was in my head a few months ago is now in my hands. I am addicted to this feeling. The business continued to launch dozens of products and grew to over six figures in our first year. This is something I have repeated over the past five years, and now I run a company that facilitates this experience. Silicone Sex Doll t is a startup called Sourcify and we make production easy so everyone can bring their ideas to life. We have a platform that connects companies to the right manufacturers and guides them through the production process using our project management tools. We work with over 500 factories across Asia. It all came from that single experience that brought my own product to life. Want that WOW feeling? Try making your own product!

(70 Likes) Are you real or a toy?

“Carla Marie wanted her answer You think you’re a doll?” Old Label Line “Windows is NOT a virus; A Virus DOES SOMETHING” I AM NOT a doll, A BABY DOES SOMETHING I Mini Sex Doll thinks I’m a pretty poor excuse for the amount of contaminated lemons

(18 People Like) What were the weird things you did when you were bored while serving in the military?

He came out of AIT and was pushing the Blackhawks domestically just months after finishing training. About 6 weeks after we arrived, we went outside the wires to a local gravel pit for the Small Arms Exercise. Shortly after we finished our first firing iteration and settled on an MRE lunch, we were overrun with Gypsy kids. Not to reinforce stereotypes, but thieves are little bastards and they’re very good at it. In the confusion, my Kevlar helmet was stolen along with a few other items in our gear pile because the PFC protecting it was distracted. We returned to base and I submitted the paperwork for the field loss to my team leader, as it should have been, and I forgot. A month or so later we had an inventory of equipment and my Kevlar was missing. Enter my Team Sergeant, a self-centered space student and first-class scumbag. He had forgotten to file my field loss paperwork, and now he had nothing to blame for the lost equipment. Rather than admit his mistake, he threw me under the bus and claimed that I had never told him and that he must have “lost” my $1,000 helmet. My team leader got angry because he personally handed him my field loss papers. As a result, I was forced to pay $1000 for a helmet and was given a month’s watch duty. Second, it would turn out to be a serious mistake on his part. Distribution is often extremely tedious. I took all this stuffiness and made it my life’s duty to get revenge on this guy for swiping me a thousand dollars. I slept with him in many ways, two of which are worth retelling. I may have overdone it a little. I am an INFOSEC professional and was before I enlisted. So I commissioned a friend who had a 2-way radio set and started fiddling with him using NETSEND messaging. (This was in early 2000 and the rules were more lax) He had a habit of watching pornography on his government computer while eating donuts at his CONEX. I spied on my friend with some binocs and relayed their behavior to me over the radio so I could contextualize their messages. It would start with something like this: “Monitoring pornography is against Department of Defense policies and will be prosecuted if found… Etc.” My friend would say, “He just blew up and got another donut.” Next message: “Hey big head, don’t blow me up, drop the bun, wipe the candy off your uniform and get out of Playboy. Don’t make me report you.” It went on like this for several weeks, until he searched for hidden cameras in his CONEX and called base operations to have him confess to his pornography viewing habits. Eventually, he was hospitalized in Germany for an anxiety attack due to concerns that he was showing signs of “paranoia.” Wayne Newton visited him, did the basic newspaper at Ramstein AFB. However, I was still unsatisfied as he occasionally fucked our entire platoon in various ways. On my way to Hungary, I visited the most disgusting sex shop I could find (much worse than I expected, Hungarians are apparently very strange) during my undeserved sentry duty, devised by a diabolical and well-imagined plan. The mind tends to wander while staring at a pitch dark line of trees for 10+ hours. Unfortunately for him, he had given me a good reason to go in a fruitful direction, his direction. You see, the base defenders were special forces and had a sick sense of humor. I became good friends with most of them during my extra duty. As a result, when their involvement in laying out my plan became somewhat enthusiastic, I was able to involve them in the realization of my revenge fantasy. A sick sense of humor often finds a common cause in the Ministry. While she was at the sex shop, I bought the magazine “Granny Tranny” (her real name), a bottle of lidocaine-infused lubricant, and a clear double-ended jelly dildo longer than my arm and purple in circumference. These items were neatly secured to the bottom of my gym bag, which I knew wouldn’t be searched because it was in searchers. They privately searched my bag when we got back to base to make sure we were following the rules. There’s no rule against dildos but that would ruin the surprise if I got “caught” in public during a random bag check. My weapon selection has received a lot of praise. I kept this shit in the BDOC locker until we redeployed to the states. My time on watch was tight in the execution of my plan, my PSG was the architect of its own demise. I knew the routine, and so after everyone had packed up and left it in the Barracks room for the details to load, I found myself in the PSG’s room with a key from a disgruntled roommate (my team leader). I kept the magazine and half-filled oil bottle I poured water/oil into to make it look well-used, and mostly drew the double-ended beast in one of its bags. (There may have been one or three dildo sword fights by bored BDOC personnel on the night shift, one of which may or may not have involved the dildo->face version hot man sex doll A slap fight between two bored SF e-6s made one unconscious…) I then steamed the outside of their sachets with food sauce diluted in water to make sure the dope dogs were alerted. You see, all our stuff is on its way for us, worth a whole battalion, as we stood in the parade in front of our moving plane, the base defense team crushed our bags before loading the plane. All that was found led to the criminal being called in front of the entire battalion, as their shit was spilled on the ground and searched. On arrival in PSG’s bags the dogs were strongly warned that no food (cooking sauce) was allowed. I swear Karma was in on the joke because she couldn’t have played better if she had been rehearsed. The first bag they threw away wasn’t cash, but unsurprisingly, she had tried to break the rules herself and had local coffee and crackers in her bag. He was nervous and speaking quickly in a nervous tone, they didn’t need to rummage through their other bags because it was all he had. In fact, she jumped in front of the oncoming phallus bus, pretending she was desperate for the whole world so they wouldn’t search for her other bags. While one of my friends was explaining to him that this wasn’t the case, the other friend shouted at the top of his lungs with a drill instructor’s voice: “Oh my God, Top, what is this?!?!” Being in the joke, he made sure to dramatically whip the meter plus dual-end duffel out of his duffel bag and hold the Excalibur over his head as if he were pulling it out of stone. It took a second for my sci-fi friends to realize what the battalion was as they rolled over the Mini Sex Doll, but when they did, the result was a complete loss of all battalion-wide military discipline. People were sitting on the floor because they were laughing too hard to stand up. When my battalion commander recovered, his BDUs had an obvious pee stain and he wasn’t alone. On top of that, my core defense buddies, after months of pranking each other with that dildo, were engaging in an impromptu comedy routine describing the best material they had. As soon as people start packing, schedule them to pull another item from their gym bag and double the misery/fun. “What the fuck Top, why is there lidocaine in this oil?” “Dude, look at that monstrous dildo. You’re going to need it.” “What I want to know is why it’s double ended? Who’s your battle buddy Top?” *gagging* “GRANNY TRANNY? Really?!?! What’s going on?!?!” *more violent gag* “Eww, dude, the damn pages are stuck together.” My Detachment Sergeant began to stammer incoherently at the words, “I swear I don’t know where he came from, he’s not mine.” It was the color of a well-cooked Maine lobster. When we got back to the states, he dropped the retirement package instead of the promotion he mentioned. Served right up to him, no shit worth of petty officers would throw their soldiers under the bus to cover them up. Donkey. That’s what officers are for. This joke became a legend in our union for a while. I’ve never succumbed to it, and officially no one “knows” who did it. However, one inspection at a time during my stay in that unit, someone managed to shove a dildo into my gym bag.

(54 Likes) Is it illegal to have sex with a sex doll/robot in Singapore?

There is no law that does not explicitly allow this, so it is legal. And while I can’t be sure, I’m pretty sure there isn’t any law to the contrary. hot man sex doll to. Personally, I don’t think our legislators are too keen to intrude on your personal habits unless it’s a specific area.

(81 Likes) How accurate is Silicon Valley in terms of software engineering?

Your technical advisor to get the show right. One thing to note is that the show is highly watched by the tech community, so there’s very little room for any technical mistakes. But some scenes are suspicious to me, but also very funny: In one episode, all the porn on the Intersite was deleted because Hanneman had put a tequila bottle on the “Delete” key of one of the laptops. This sounds silly to me. Ideally, if you need to delete something, you only need to press the key once, I can’t think of a situation where you have to repeatedly press a key to clear it. While it’s technically possible (you have to build a real crap program), it’s unlikely to happen. Did you understand correctly? Also, the leading porn site didn’t have a backup of their premium content. This is not possible either. In the name of the argument you could say that they didn’t make it clear that they didn’t have any backups, or you could say that the crappy unrealistic program simply deleted the content from all servers (including backups) with a click of a button. Most of the time if you find that their computer has some text/code editor open. These screens seem to put a static image of the sublime text code editor along with some code. They don’t feel like real code editors opened on those machines. Sometimes writing styles just don’t seem realistic to me. Most of the typing scenes are only a few seconds long and bam they fixed the problem! I don’t think programmers write that way. I can say that the last two points are more of a production error/defect. Also this is my personal opinion, I could be wrong. There is also a lot of emotional drama in the series as you will lose until the end, but suddenly things turn upside down and you win in the 12th hour. Think TC Disrupt and the case, they didn’t have a chance until the end, but all of a sudden things started to change, kind of bliss